As soon as you walk across the threshold of WHAH, with your fur baby, both you and your pet’s anxiety will dissipate within seconds. The lobby is attractive and clean, the staff is professional and most importantly their love of animals exudes each time they greet your pet. We have used WHAH twice in the last couple of months for boarding and our Labrador felt right at home; she even made a friend with the hospital’s pet kitty. Having lived all over the world, I can say this vet’s office is one of my absolute favorite and undoubtedly will be yours, as well.

– Natasha L., Facebook

Last night (Saturday @ 930 PM!!) Dr. Howard made a house call to help me and my best friend Bob. I might add she did this after having to go to the emergency room for a dog bite on her arm and having to put her own dog down. She helped Bob and we grieved the loss of our best friends together. The point is, I have never seen a more compassionate empathetic selfless person in my life. She never had to answer her phone but she did. Thanks Dr Howard, you are truly an angel. For all of you who have a pet, you should definitely visit Dr Howard at Wasatch Animal Hospital.

– Rich S., Facebook

Had my Sweet Trixie Spade here and had the most amazing service. My wife was greeted by the Veterinarian herself. Did a really good job and I really felt like they cared and Loved for Trixie as much as I do. I honestly do not think they could of improved anything!! Definitely recommend this place.

– Brandon B., Google

What a truly wonderful team of people! They loved all over my 4 legged while she loved the attention it was a wonderful way to do the exam, keeping her calm and loved while making sure she was healthy.

The vet was amazing and not only wonderful to my Ein, but so sweet and wonderful to me as well. She was great at explaining everything they wanted to do and in the end what they need to do.

I am so glad we found such a wonderful vet, and team to care for one of the most important parts of our family

– Tracy S., Facebook

Love this place. Very friendly and professional staff. No pressure to purchase any of their products. And most importantly to me, the office visit fee and subsequent tests/medication are competitively priced. We just moved here and I called around to find the most affordable vet and her price was the lowest!
Bonus: she is very gentle and very thorough with her check-ups. Love that!

– Brenda G., Google

We have taken two dogs here to be treated. The vet is wonderful with animals, and really spends a lot of time explaining options for after care. We just picked up one of our dachshunds this afternoon after a teeth cleaning appointment. He’s a skittish little guy, but they treated him well. His teeth look fabulous!

– Ursula M., Yelp

Dr. Howard and her staff did such an awesome job taking care of my dog Sophie. She got spay and hernia surgery at once. Very impressed with their caring and comfortable environment. I knew I liked the vibe of this place, even more now after reading the other reviews! You can really tell they care about the animals. Highly recommend! Your fur children will be in good hands at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital.

– Mary A., Facebook

I was recommended to Dr. Howard by a coworker and I am so happy with my choice to bring in my two dogs, a Black Lab mix and a Pomeranian mix, to see her. The office is clean and kept. The staffs were pleasant and very helpful. I took my dogs in for their annual shots, a general checkup, and to get them microchipped. Dr. Howard was so awesome, when she was examining my black lab she actually sat on the ground with him. I have never had a veterinarian do that before. It was very refreshing. You can tell she really cares about animals; this is a career and a passion for her. I took my black lab in this morning to get his teeth cleaned. While he was there, I wanted my dog to be as comfortable as possible so I brought his blanket from home and asked if I could put it in the kennel with him. They understood my feelings and concern, and welcomed my slightly odd request quickly. I will be picking him up later today and I expect nothing but the best treatment from them and to my dog.

– Piper M., Google

I want to thank Dr. Howard and her team of professionals. We first needed her for an emergency surgery on our dog on Christmas Day!!! Who comes to your aid on Christmas Day??? Dr. Howard does. Unfortunately, I had to call her again last night and request that she come to our home to put our elderly dog down. He had fallen and was in pain and unable to be moved. Once again, she and her trusty assistant were there helping us. This is an amazing veterinary clinic – the most personal one I have ever been to in my life. I feel like these folks are family. I will trust my current and future dogs to none other and I happily recommend them to whoever will listen. Thank you Dr. Howard. You are amazing.

– Gina N., Facebook

We always get full and prompt attention when we visit Wasatch Hollow. Benji’s and my latest “adventure” was his swallowing the remainder of a bottle of Rimadyl. Dr. Howard did a careful exam and a blood test, discussed options, and kept Benji and me calm. The technician stayed with us the whole time Benji was reacting to the emetic he was given to empty his stomach. The prescriptions we were given seem to have helped Benji avoid kidney shut down. He’s well on his way to being his usual happy, frisky self.

– Diane K., Google

Dr Howard is the best and the staff is very knowledgeable. She genuinely loves animals. I left on a trip this weekend and I literally felt sick because I never leave them. My trip included 2 adults, 2 teenagers and 1 child. We planned on Universal studios which does not allow pets except service dogs, so I had no choice. Dr Howard and her staff made room for us and I cannot put into words how thankful I am. When I got to the facility to drop them off, they were choking themselves trying to get inside. They love it here and I don’t trust just anyone with my babies. If you live nearby, you should definitely should give this place a try, you won’t be disappointed!

– Aimee S., Facebook

This morning I took Buddy, my Black Lab to get free vaccinations for the military and law enforcement appreciation day. The service was quick and the staff was very friendly and welcoming minus the wait time but hey I am by no means complaining. I just wanted to take this time to say thank you. Although I got stuck in the snow on 40th on the way to the clinic and a  couple nice folks stopped to push my car to get it moving again, it was well worth it. Its been an interesting day but thanks to Wasatch Hollow’s service and staff my dog was able to get some much needed vaccinations for free.

– Michael Z., Yelp