Our Values

Wasatch Hollow Values

Learn more about what our veterinarian, Dr. Howard, and the team at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital do for the local Ogden, UT community.

Military & Police Appreciation Day

Our Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was a HUGE success! We were able to examine and vaccinate 78 pets at no charge for their owners! As Chris Kyle said, “It is our duty to serve those who serve us.” We are thrilled to be able to support our heroes. Our appreciation day is not the only time we help hero canines. Our community has also helped to support police K-9s in other ways.

Community Support

Today I wanted to put into words the reasons and life experiences that lead us to start this veterinary hospital and our unconditional support to service dogs, their handlers, the military, police and community in general. As the daughter of a police officer and wife of an Air Force officer I was always fascinated and grateful for all law-enforcement, and military and what they do for us to keep us safe. Read More >

Our Wall of Heroes

At Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital we want to honor all our nation’s war and law enforcement dogs and their handlers – past, present and future. As you walk into our lobby you will find portraits of four-legged and human patriots on the Wall of Heroes. In addition to the literal Wall of Heroes at our practice, we keep an active “Wall of Heroes” on our website. Now, let me introduce our Heroes… Read More >

Medical Care for Hero K-9s

As another means of supporting our hero canines and their families, we have two programs available to assist in their medical care. We look forward to being able to keep active working dogs in tip-top shape and to provide our retired dogs with lasting comfort for their well deserved rest. Learn more about our ‘Balto’ Program > and our ‘K-9 Hero’ Program >.