‘K-9 Hero’ Laser Therapy Program

Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital is proud to announce the sister program to our “Balto Program”. Our K-9 Hero program will be open to all active and retired working dogs and will provide free and unlimited laser therapy.

Laser Therapy is the latest technology for joint and soft tissue pain. Our K-Laser reduces inflammation in joints and soft tissues which dramatically reduces pain. More importantly, though, is that Laser therapy is biostimulatory. This means that it actually aids in repairing the damaged tissues and therefore improves strength and provides greater mobility.

Most active and retired working dogs, as a result of their service, suffer from joint issues and pain. Although this pain can sometimes be managed with medication, there are great benefits when laser is used in conjunction. Laser also does not have any negative side effects on the body and its organs.

We look forward to being able to keep active working dogs in tip-top shape and to provide our retired dogs with lasting comfort for their well deserved rest.


  • Initial exam (with prior documentation from another Veterinarian) and following technician appointments that are done by the staff at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital will be done at no cost. If there are no medical records documenting injury– the initial exam and all needed diagnostics will be charged at a normal fee, however will be discounted 10%.
  • Unlimited, free laser therapy sessions as warranted by specific injury and need. See vast improvement with increased work ability, endurance and overall quality of life.


  • Pets must be either an active or retired Military Working Dog, Police Dog, or Contracting dog, with documented and verifiable proof of work.
  • All prior medical records should be sent ahead of time for our Veterinarians/Technicians to review prior to our first consultation.
  • Laser can only be done on diagnosed conditions. If the condition has not been diagnosed, our Veterinarians can provide examinations and diagnostics, but this will be charged at a normal fee.
  • Laser therapy treatments require specific guidelines and schedules. Some areas and injuries may take up to 6 treatments to begin to see results. In order for laser to be worthwhile, pets must receive all their treatments within the recommended scheduling time. Once the condition is managed, laser can be done as maintenance (pet dependent).
  • Pet must be manageable (can be muzzled/leashed) and easily handled by our staff.
  • All laser appointments must be scheduled and will not be done on a walk in basis. Owner/Handler does not need to be present and pets can be dropped off and boarded the day of their treatment of no charge.

Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital retains the right to discontinue an animal from the program at any time with or without prior notice. Pets will be enrolled only after verification of active/retired working dog status. All decisions on enrollment in our K-9 Hero Program will be made at our own discretion.