Dental Care

At Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital, we provide a range of comprehensive veterinary dental services, including:

  • Dental Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
  • Full-mouth Dental X-rays
  • Restorative Dentistry With Bonded Sealants
  • Tooth Extraction When Necessary

Restorative Dentistry and Bonded Sealant for Fractured Teeth

Dental fractures are very common in our pets. Those fractured teeth with pulp (nerve exposure) are called complicated crown fractures and either root canal or tooth extraction are indicated for treatment.

If the nerve is not exposed, it is called “uncomplicated crown fractures”. In these cases, the underlying structure called dentine is exposed resulting in pain, and bacterial infection. In addition, the tooth surface is rougher than normal enhancing bacteria attachment and establishment of periodontal disease. We recommend using layers of bonded dental sealants and composites to smooth and fill in the fracture site.

If you would like to know how we perform a routine dental cleaning on our patients watch the video below. This is Oreo getting sparkling clean teeth.

Dental Radiology

We perform full-mouth digital dental x-rays in all Comprehensive Oral Health Evaluation and Treatments. Because we can only see one third of the tooth from outside, we need dental radiographs to evaluate other 2 thirds and the internal anatomy of the teeth, the roots  and the bone that surrounds the roots.