Wasatch Hollow’s ‘Balto’ Program

At Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital, we recognize the immense sacrifice of our Military, Police and Fire families. We are also especially grateful for our military working dogs (MWD), our police canine, search/rescue dogs and other working dogs that work so selflessly to keep us safe.

Because we recognize this sacrifice made by both animal and handler, we have created the Balto Program. The Balto Program recognizes 2 working dogs annually and provides free medical care in order to keep them at top working order.


The Balto Program began as soon as we opened our doors in August 2015 and was initially called the Hero K-9 Program. Our very first participant was Balto and we were lucky enough to have him enrolled for almost 3 years.

Balto and his handler, John Logie, began working together in Afghanistan in 2009. The pair spent almost a year together searching for explosives and clearing the way for troops until the day Logie was injured. On May 8th, 2010, Balto saved John’s life by leading him away from a primary IED. Balto was not injured and continued working overseas without John, but they maintained a close relationship when John returned to Afghanistan. Balto was eventually retired and John instantly jumped at the opportunity to welcome him into his family.

Balto and John became an instant part of the Wasatch Hollow family and Balto was incredibly loved by the entire staff. Balto unfortunately was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease in several locations in early 2018 and after numerous treatments and attempts at maintaining quality of life, he was peacefully laid to rest in May 2018.

It was then that Dr. Howard decided to dedicate and rename our program for Balto. Balto was a part of our WHAH family and a true hero. He is sorely missed by all, but we are so grateful to have been a part of his life and to continue to serve our K-9 heros in his name.


  • All exams and consultations done by the veterinarians and staff at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital will be done at no cost. Any treatment that gets referred to a specialist and/or different veterinarian will be charged at their normal rates.
  • All core vaccinations will be administered and boostered free of charge.
  • Medications will be sold at cost plus 10% for shipping/handling fees.
  • Pet will receive a full blood work panel (Complete Blood Cell Count, Chemistry, Thyroid and SDMA) free of charge once annually.
  • Unlimited, free radiographs as warranted.
  • Pet will become a member of Hills “Honorary Employee” program, which allows for the purchase of Hills prescription and maintenance diets at staff cost.
  • Free laser therapy for numerous conditions


  • Pet must be a retired working dog from the following, with documented proof of past work:
    • Military Working Dog
    • Police Dog
    • Search & Rescue
    • Bomb/Drug Sniffing Dog
  • Services must be used annually. If services are not used, Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital reserves the right to discontinue enrollment immediately with or without notice.
  • Pet must be manageable (can be muzzled/leashed) and easily handled by staff.
  • No additional military discount will be applied to already discounted services.

Pet will be enrolled after consideration by Dr. Howard and/or Practice Manager and enrollment will last one year from start date (example: June 1, 2017-June 1, 2018). All decisions on enrollment are on a first come/first serve basis and will be made at our discretion.

If there is a dog that you would like to recommend for our program, please contact us now.